Bad roads: residents force LoP Aol to walk 3km on foot

LoP Betty Ocan Aol

On Monday, Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LoP), Betty Aol Ocan, found herself walking about three kilometres on foot while residents blamed her for doing nothing over board roads.

Aol who is the Gulu Woman MP was supposed to meet residents of Bardege Division in Gulu Municipality Gulu Municipal council offices.

Uganda Radio Network [URN] reports that the residents blocked the five-kilometre Oola Lubara road, which connects Gulu town to St Marys Hospital Lacor via Gulu airfield and Gulu Archdiocese Cathedral.   

They used vehicles tyres, boulders and logs to block the road and then mockingly planted crops on the road, claiming it has become a garden.

Victoria University

Led by the area LC III chairperson, Patrick Oola Lumumba, they told Aol to step out of her vehicle and walk with them so she can get the feel of the bad state of the road.

They said it was only a one time for her yet residents have had to put up with that road for close to six years.

A shocked Aol accepted to walk from Gulu Municipal council offices up to the residence of Yusuf Adek Okwonga, the Pageya clan chief, about three kilometres away.

URN reports that Aol, who was dressed in a light green gomesi and shiny black shoes, trekked for over two hours in the company of her four bodyguards who all ended up with muddy shoes and dirty clothes.

She told URN at the chief’s palace that she accepted to move in solidarity with the suffering people whose plight for better services hasn’t been addressed.

Gulu municipal engineer, Terence Okwonga, promised residents that the road will be upgraded to tarmac next year in January at Shs6bn.



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