Museveni impoverishing youth, says FDC league leader

Mulindwa Walid Lubega FDC NATIONAL YOUTH LEAGUE CHAIRMAN addressing press

The Forum for Democratic change Youth League joins the rest of the World in commemorating the International Youth Day. We appreciate the unique contribution, vigor and energy that constitute this biggest and most important populous of the world.

It is clear that the Young people are rapidly increasing and constitute about 81% of Uganda’s population today making Uganda the second youngest Country in the world after Niger.

As we join the world to mark the Youth day, we are not participating in the usual ridicule, rhetoric, mockery and theft that are taking place today in Jinja. While Mr. Museveni is spending over a billion shillings to go and mock as well as affirm the state of poverty among the Young people in the Eastern part of the Country, the FDC Youth League believes that,the day has lost meaning in Uganda as it’s only an avenue of joining the regime to celebrate STEADY PROBLEMS orchestrated by the same regime.

There have been deliberate plans to impoverish Young people in this nation by the Museveni establishment. Even programs that have been brought to dupe Young People only turn into white cash cows for the proprietors. A good example is the infamous Youth Livelihood fund, on commencement in 2013, Government injected 75 Billion shillings and according to the 2018/2019 Budget, the Youth Livelihood Program (YLP) was allocated 256 Billion shillings.

According to Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), Youth in Uganda constitute a population of 29 Million People. The Youth Ministry claims One hundred Sixty three thousand one hundred and thirty (163,130) Youths have benefited from the YLP for the last 4 years. Even if we based on their figures as presented to us, these 163,130 Youth represent a meager and minimal 0.5% of the 29,000,000 Youth in Uganda. In other words the program has not impacted on even 1% of the Youth in Uganda.

This program has been marred by miss-appropriation and theft as usual. The Auditor General’s (AG) Report indicates that 527 Million Shillings was given to ghost groups. I can therefore ably confirm that this is one of the best cash cow for Mr. Pius Bigirimana, the ‘Permanent’ Permanent Secretary in all ministries. No wonder after failing in Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) transferred the OPM theft to Ministry of Gender and after sinking the YLP and related programs, he has been transferred to Judiciary. Even YLP was transferred from the Youth Ministry to State House.

The FDC Youth league believes that Mr.Museveni’s home doesn’t have capacity to run this kind of National program since they have registered many failures already.

Secondly, much as Museveni continues to carry sacks of money to different places to bribe and buy support, he has also established a very robust and sophisticated curtail of thieves who pretend to be recipients of the same funds in all areas of Uganda. It seems after the showbiz of receiving, the same money is taken back to Mr. M7 for presentation in the next episode and area.

As FDC Youth League therefore, instead of spending such an important day merry making, we have decided to spend this entire week in visiting our detained colleagues in the different detention centers in the Country. We shall start with those in Luzira ,Kirinya and kigo  while we request all our Youth League branches throughout the Country to visit all detention centers in the various parts of the Country.

A number of innocent Young People are being incarcerated in several detention facilities without trial. Our visit will be in form of establishing those peculiar cases and we already have a legal team that will expeditiously handle their cases for justice to prevail.

Lastly the FDC Youth League intends to carry out a myriad of youth mobilization activities across the Country envisioned to increase Youth participation in Governance and regime change processes.

Mulindwa Walid Lubega


12 August 2019



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