Kawuma girl now maid: Bobi Wine recalls shot driver

Bobi Wine, Zaake and People Power members remember Yasin Kawuma

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine joined other People Power members Tuesday to remember his slain driver Yasin Kawuma.

Today marks exactly one year after Arua fracas that led to Bobi Wine and Francis Zaake’s arrests and torture by the military.

“That day, many of us nearly lost lives. Our brother, Yasin Kawuma was shot dead,” Bobi Wine said while visiting the family of Kawuma where prayers were held.

To date, justice is yet to be served to those who carried out the murder and torture, he noted.

“Grateful to the world for standing with us! As we remember that day and the lives of our fallen comrades, may we all recommit ourselves to the struggle for human rights, justice and freedom.”

Bobi Wine planted a tree at Kawuma’s home in Lusanja Wakiso district.

Widow speaks

For the family of Yasin Kawuma, the day 13th August 2018 is tinged with sadness.

Yasin Kawuma, who was sitting as Bobi Wine’s driver decided to sit on the passenger seat of the Toyota Tundra, as he waited for the Kyaddondo East MP.

Less then five minutes later, he lay dead in the same seat from a gunshot, many think was meant for the MP.

Speaking a few days ago, Alice Mwesigwa, Kawuma’s widow said things were not going well for the late’s family.

“I sent out my 17 year-old daughter to start working as a housemaid cause I couldn’t afford them all. But, she doesn’t even earn enough cause they pay her only UGX 50,000 a month,” Alice told NTV.

On August 14, 2018, Hon. Tonny Ayoo had called upon the state to help the widow and orphans of the Late.

He condemned the killing and called upon Ugandans to wake up and know that they die and leaders remain.

He said Parliament should find a way of having violence free elections.



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