Journalists walk out of DP briefing, Mao apologises

DP Headquarters on City House

Journalists on Tuesday walked out of a Democratic Party press briefing held in Kampala after waiting for half a day for party officials to show up.  

Journalists as usual gathered at City House for the weekly press conference supposed to be addressed by party President Norbert Mao.

Usually, the conference starts at exactly 10:00am yet by 11:30am, none of the party leaders were at the venue.

Led by CBS journalist Shalif Lukenge, the journalists left accusing the party of taking them for granted.

Victoria University

The notion was shared by his colleagues despite pleas from Fred Mwesigwa, the Press Secretary to the DP President.

Mwesigwa apologised for the delay and said that the President was on his way to city house, requesting ten more minutes to no avail.

Mao apologises

In a statement, Mao who arrived minutes after all journalists had left said he is currently taking steps to ensure press conferences start on time and promised never to be late again.

“I sincerely apologise for coming late for the Weekly DP Press Conference scheduled for Tuesday August 13, 2019 at 10:00am.

I was informed that you left the building in protest before I arrived. This is understandable and we have noted your concern

You made your point. While my delay was the result of events outside my control, I truly regret that I arrived late. I value your time and it was never my intent to inconvenience you.”

Mao took responsibility or the entire episode hoping that the healthy relationship between the media fraternity and the Democratic Party will continue.



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