Phina wiggles tight ass, traps VP Ssekandi in electric dance

Phina shows Ssekandi her booty

Singer Phina Mugerwa aka Masanyalaze on Monday roused loud cheers and endless ululations in Jinja district when she trapped the country’s Vice President in an electric dance.

This was during International Youth Day 2019 celebrations at St. Gonza Gonzaga Primary School in Jinja.

The function was officiated by VP Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi under the theme: “Transforming education for responsible citizenship and employment creation.”

Phina in action

Ssekandi who represented President Museveni was treated to a dollop of entertainment and interactions regulated by a fine weather.


Among such entertainment was an electric dance pulled by Phina locally nicknamed Shakira for her unparalleled dance moves that involve wiggling of the booty like it was detached from her main body.

Phina who was lisping one of her dancehall songs walked from the stage and danced all the way to the VIP tent when Ssekandi sat, legs astride.

Kadaga takes on Phina

She first entertained Speaker Rebecca Kadaga who honoured her and leapt to her feet to wiggle a few “go down low” moves with the singing dancer.

When Phina was done with Kadaga, she was directed to VP Ssekandi who was seated beside the speaker.

Phina danced her way to Ssekandi’s seat, wiggled her ass as the VP studied it carefully.

Phina goes down low

She then turned and went on her knees to show him what her mama gave her. 

Up and down, she trapped the VP in a dance daze before leaping up to her feet again.

Ssekandi tried thrice to hand her an envelope but she insisted on shaking her butt so vigorously—a sign she wasn’t done with him yet.

She later accepted the envelope and danced backwards out of the tent.

And she shows Ssekandi what her mama gave her

Phina Mugerwa

Josephine Mugerwa(at times called Phina Mugerwa and commonly known as Phina Masanyalaze), is a singer and dancer who is also hailed “Uganda’s Shakira”.

Early life and education

Phina Mugerwa was born the fourth of the five children to Francis Kiwanuka and Annet Komugisha in 1984 in Kawaala, neighbourhood of Kampala.

She attended Namirembe Kindergarten and Namirembe Infants Primary School for primary education before joining St Andrew’s Kaggwa and Daniel Secondary School and Springfield College for her O Levels (UCE) and A levels (UACE) respectively.


Mugerwa started her music career in 2007 after completing her senior six.

Radio presenter Kato Lubwama had announced on the radio that he was seeking dancers to join his Diamonds Ensemble Band.

She auditioned with about 300 others and was among the three that were chosen.

She is famous for both her dancing and her singing.

Her songs like Bampassudde and Gyobera have made her a household name in Uganda’s music industry.

Others include; Kwepikira, Tinkula, Lwaaki Ondaza, Nze wuuyo and Omuferere.


PAM Award for Best New Artist, 2006.

Personal life

She has a son.



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