Nganda likens Museveni to explorer Vasco da Gama

Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] Party Spokesperson Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has likened President Museveni to Vasco da Gama, 1st Count of Vidigueira, a Portuguese explorer and the first European to reach India by sea.

Vasco’s initial voyage to India was the first to link Europe and Asia by an ocean route, connecting the Atlantic and the Indian oceans and therefore, the West and the Orient.

Nganda who was addressing the Weekly Press conference at Party Headquarters Najjanankumbi-Kampala, said:

“Museveni has turned himself into a Vasco Da Gama, who when he hears there are poor people in Jinja, he makes a trip there to only go and see them and actually leave them the same.”

“Then the same for Bundibugyo, Amuru or any part of the country.”

He was referring to Museveni’s countrywide wealth creation tours through the president encouraged people to avoid land fragmentation and subsistence agriculture as a way of driving poverty out of their homes.

The president summed up the tours with a dossier in which he preached the benefits of a money economy saying farming for the stomach is dangerous to African societies.

Nganda, in response, says Uganda doesn’t need a Vasco Da Gama whose role is exploration.

“We need a person with capacity to solve problems affecting our people,” Nganda told press on Monday.

Nganda who was flanked by National Youth Chairman Mulindwa Walid Lubega talked on issues concerning the International Youth Day Celebrations and the Ugandan justice system.

He lashed at courts including the High Court and Supreme Courts for dispensing biased and one-sided justice when it comes to opposition members.

He cited the case of Stella Nyanzi who is serving an 18-month jail sentence for just annoying the President.

He also cited a case of FDC activists who are currently at Luzira prison on remand just because someone threw a bottle at Grade One Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu at Buganda Road Court.



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