Besigye promises cow to 102 year-old WW11 veteran

Yozef Ruhindi is aged 102

By Ronald Muhinda

People’s Government President Kizza Besigye Monday visited Mzee Yozef Ruhindi at his home in Rwakabengo, Rukungiri district.

Mzee Yozef, a veteran of World War II is thought to be 102 years.

Besigye gave him a surprise visit and the old man was humbled and speechless.

He kept calling him “Besigye, Besigye, Besigye” for lack of how best to express his gratitude.

Ruhindi greets Besigye

Mzee Ruhindi, however, composed himself and requested for a cow to give him daily milk, which is crucially part of his source of daily meals.

The old man, seemingly with incredible faith, only turned emotional during prayer.

He has aged with Grace and good health only disturbed by his weak legs and declining sight.



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