Museveni: most of Uganda’s 14 million cows in western

Museveni arriving at Muni university

President Museveni on Saturday launched the West Nile Investment Symposium 2019, under the theme; “Transformation of Africa’s upper Nile Valley through Pan African Peace Building and Holistic Development,” at Muni University in Arua Municipality.

His speech centered on among other issues; Economy, Environment, Commercial Agriculture, Infrastructural development, and Peace.

“We have got 14million cows in the whole of Uganda, but many of them are in the West and South West,” Museveni said.

“I would like Northern Uganda and West Nile to have more cows for milk. Cows can also provide leather and beef to support industries.”

He said for instance, government started a beef factory near Bombo but could not get enough cows.

Secondly, people going into the wetlands ignorantly not knowing the consequences, leaders should all tell them firmly with one voice and say, ‘please you are spoiling the environment’.

“How can we talk of hydro-power and irrigation when we are destroying where the water is coming from?”

“The Banyankole say a foolish man saw the house on fire and asked his wife to prepare a bed so he can sleep.”

The 1st Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of Government Business in Parliament, Gen. Moses Ali, commended the organisers of the symposium for enabling the world to understand the economic potential of the West Nile Region.

He said that the region suffered due to political conflicts in that area and said that with the peace brought in by the Movement Government, the region had got a chance to develop.

He asked the people of West Nile to jealously safeguard the peace and never allow themselves to return to the turbulent past.

State Minister for Northern Uganda, Hon. Kwiyucwiny Grace, said the symposium has helped to re-brand West Nile and Northern Uganda as a whole as well as marketing it to the world.

She prayed that the region moves to reap a lot from the symposium.

She also hailed the government PRDP programme that she noted had greatly uplifted the lives of the people of Northern Uganda especially in the sectors of Education, Health, infrastructure development and poverty eradication.



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