Usuofia in London: ‘metallic case’ fresher meets Makerere VC

Suuna arriving at University Hall

The fresher who reported at Makerere University with a metallic case like that of secondary students has met with the Vice Chancellor Prof Barnabas Nawangwe.

Suubi Henry Kiyimba became a sensation on social media this week when he was snapped heading to University Hall [UH] carrying a metallic case and a plastic bag.

He was quickly equated to a Nigerian film actor Nkem Owoh who plays Osuofia, a deer-hunter in his village, married with five daughters.

Suuna meets Nawangwe

Usuofia, the bamboozled villager who cannot even kill a mere deer, travels to London, England to receive his share of an inheritance left for him by a deceased relative and then comedy follows.

Victoria University

Suubi, the Ugandan version of Usuofia, was trolled on internet with the aim of humiliating him which in turn made him a star and even earned him an invitation to the Ivory Tower based office of the Vice Chancellor.  

“I have had the pleasure to meet Mr. Ssuubi Henry Kiyimba the student who was mercilessly attacked on social media as unfit to come to Makerere,” Nawangwe said.

Nawangwe added: “I have encouraged him to enjoy his stay at Makerere and work hard on his future career.”

He said Ssuubi was admitted to Makerere on Government Sponsorship – National Merit Scheme, Bachelor of Science with Education (Economics).

We wish him all the best as he starts his new education career.



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