Ofwono: I don’t expect Besigye on 2021 ballot


Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said he doesn’t expect opposition figure Kizza Besigye to appear on the ballot for 2021 presidential elections.

Opondo was speaking Thursday night during the NBS “Frontline” programme which was attended by Besigye, Mukasa Mbidde and Norbert Mao.  

“Besigye already has a ‘People’s Government’ and he is satisfied with that. I don’t expect him to get involved in the general election,” Opondo noted.

Besigye who has stood against President Museveni four times and lost them all, said he will not quit because “when you are in a struggle, you continue until you win”.

Victoria University

But Opondo reminded him that in all the election cycles Besigye has participated, he has lost and then cried foul.

“People haven’t followed him because they judge that much of his claims are excuses to explain away why he has not been successful,” Opondo told the retired Colonel.

“It’s true we have had friction with institutions but are these the reasons Besigye can’t win an election? Then I think he is telling Ugandans that he cannot defeat Museveni and the machinery he has.”

Opondo said Besigye tagged along when Museveni captured the country with guns.

“When did he realise that this wasn’t the right way to take over power? Since 2016, Besigye has been threatening the government and country that it’ll not last.”

Opondo said in 2011, Besigye declared three things; paralyse the economy, take advantage of the global economic spike and told Ugandans not to cooperate with the elected government of Museveni.

“He expected the government to fall before 2016 but he has failed.”

Mbidde, on his part said, said people started the National resistance movement with only 27 people. It was forced on people until it became national.

“You can’t castigate a few people putting up a resistance now against them. The time now is for all suffering masses to listen to each other and work together to the extent of disappointing people like Opondo.”

“We need to sit down and coach a unified frontline. We’re pointing at the ideal ability for the opposition to work together. I think it takes one to be an illogical activist to look at 2021.”

He said Col. Besigye has been talking about it. “The character of the incumbent is that we cannot have an election. We must look at forming government before the next elections.”



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