Girls expose sex-hungry Makerere hostel custodian

Olympia hostel

An online petition has gathered a storm calling for the dismissal of a hostel custodian that houses students of Makerere University.

Only identified as Reuben, the custodian of Olympia hostel based in Kikoni behind Makerere University has come under the spotlight for allegedly sexually harassing females students with incessant sexual demands.

A one Patricia Mworozi has petitioned the owner of the hostel, Dr. Joseph Byamugisha, saying Reuben is making the girls’ lives miserable by sexually harassing them.

“Reuben, the custodian of Olympia Hostel is a known serial sexual harasser of the female residents and guests of Olympia Hostel and we, the residents of this hostel, are demanding for his immediate dismissal,” Mworozi wrote.

Victoria University

“We are entitled to the right to protection from degrading treatment and his continued presence and position is a risk to the safety and dignity of all women. Share this petition to help us ensure that he may be held accountable for his actions,” she added.

The petition can be accessed:

Posh hostel

This hostel was constructed in 2013. Its visibly a mansion and accommodates around 500 students with enough big rooms.

It has a swimming pool, gym, free kitchens on every flow, free WiFi or internet and so much more.

Its great self-contained rooms both singles and doubles go for Shs 1.5 million for singles and Shs 950,000 for doubles.

Olympia hostel is a four-storey building with more than 3 attached buildings. It enables one acquire whatever they need from within.

For example, the restaurants, canteens, saloons and hostel services, are all within the hostel.

Reasons for signing

See why other supporters are signing, why this petition is important to them, and share your reason for signing (this will mean a lot to the starter of the petition):

Rodney Ssemakula: I’m signing thus because he doesn’t respect us at all

Shanitah Ankunda: Because I have seen a friend of mine hide from this man saying she refused to sleep with him and she was scared of him … it broke my heart that someone has to hide instead of speaking up.

Lorraine Aguti: Reuben is a damn rapist.

Nassolo Darphine: Am a resident and the allegations are true.

Sarah Esther: At least one in every ten girls staying at Olympia has been sexually offended by Reuben. This man is not only an arrogant rude insensitive unjust person but also one who has gone ahead to undermine the wellbeing of not only girls but everyone staying at this hostel.

This ruthless insensitive man walked in on me when I was coming from the bathroom in my underwear.

Alexandra Kamatsiko: Because Reuben has made girls feel unsafe contrary to his duty as custodian. It makes people uncomfortable to even present issues to him because we don’t feel safe.



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