Sudhir is rightful owner of plot 24 Boulevard land—court


By Kagenyi Lukka

Following reports related to the ownership of Plot 24 where the multi-billion Boulevard building sits, it has emerged that the Court already settled the debate when it ruled that Meera Investments, owned by mogul Sudhir, are still the rightful owners of the building.

The High Court Land division also ordered the Departed Asian Property Custodian Board not to enforce their decision related to the property against Meera Investment.

According to the ruling of Justice Joseph Murangira, the decision of the custodian board, which had quashed the ownership rights of Sudhir and further stopped the development of the Freehold Register Volume 1082 Folio 1 Plot 24, Kampala, was made without jurisdiction and therefore, null and void.

Victoria University

Murangira said: “An order of prohibition against the respondent (Departed Asians Property Custodian Board) to stop enforcement of the above decisions is granted to the applicant (Meera Investments). The respondent is accordingly prohibited from enforcing its decisions as against the applicant.”

From 1994, Court held, to-date, Sudhir is still the rightful owner of the property.

“From that year to June, 2012, the time the respondent expressed interest in part of the suit land, is over 18 years. More still the applicant in 1995 with the knowledge of the respondent as shown in the unchallenged evidence by the respondent, the applicant purchased the suit property from the original owners,” Murangira held, underscoring the fact that Sudhir is the rightful owner of the property.

This ruling now settles claims in a recent report that Sudhir is not the rightful owner of the land.



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