NRM girl kidnapped, tortured for opposing Museveni sole candidature


The ruling NRM chairperson of an activist youth group Phoebe Kiddu was held captive for 25 days and brutally tortured for opposing President Museveni’s sole candidature in 2021 presidential elections.

The captors pressed her hard around the waist, triggering her monthly periods.

“They [periods] came earlier than expected probably due to torture,” she told Uganda Radio Network [URN].

“This man gave me very little water to clean up and a tiny piece of soap to wash my knicker. He told me to sit on the bucket until I stop bleeding. He moved out and returned with toilet paper, which I would roll and pad myself without a knicker,” a teary Kiddu said.

Kiddu, who heads NRM for Justice, was allegedly picked up from Balintuma Road near Ndejje University campus in Mengo by men and a woman driving a Mark II car.

Her group members had planned a 10km marathon dubbed “Run from Captivity” up to the British High Commission in Kitante on June 24 to deliver a letter appealing to the UK to prevail on the NRM to stop the sole candidate bid.

Her captors all wore dark shades and hats. She was driven on Rubaga Road to Wakaliga and then blindfolded at Busega roundabout.

The 33-year old went missing on June 24 and was on July 19 dumped on Makerere Road in Makubira Zone near Makerere University Primary School staff quarters.

She said she was tortured until she became unconscious and only recovered her senses at Getwell General Clinic in Masanafu.

A one Sempa, a security operative, had been calling their phones with threats to quit the activism against the sole candidacy.

“Before that day, we used to get calls from [an officer] in Internal Security Organisation (ISO) in Kampala. He would call and say, ‘you people, we shall arrest you. You people will disappear,’ ” she said.

After countless torture, she said she was asked to commit to renounce the pressure group and its activities as a prerequisite for her release.

After failing to locate her, Kiddu’s family went to Wandegeya Police Station and filed a case of missing person for Oprah Kiddu under entry reference SD45/26/06/2019.

The case was filed by her father Steven Kiddu.

Dr Ronny Ssenabulya of Getwell General Clinic in Masanafu in Rubaga Division said Kiddu was extremely weak when she was admitted on July 19.

He said she had suffered multiple tissue injuries with blunt chest trauma and blunt abdominal trauma.

“We ran some tests and there was no evidence that she was raped. We did a chest x-ray, ultra sound scan and the results were fine,” Dr Ssenabulya said.

Credit: Daily Monitor



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