Kamya dismisses KCCA staffing crisis as wolokoso

Beti Kamya

The Minister for Kampala Capital City Authority, Hon Beti Kamya, has made a statement on the staffing crisis in Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

This matter was raised by Hon. Nambooze Betty Bakireke, MP Mukono Municipality.

Kamya said there has been a lot of talk, rumours and speculation fuelled by interests that are not always clear, hence the inaccuracies in the report to Parliament which in contemporary Luganda are described as “Wolokoso”.

She said 13 directors and deputy directors have resigned since the establishment of KCCA in 2012 for reasons ranging from pursuing better salaries and employment terms, better job opportunities, career growth, job security.

Victoria University

Other reasons include; doing their own businesses, going for study, retirement, death, non-renewal of contract and for some, in attempts to jump the impending forensic audit in some directorates.

Former KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi resigned on 15th December 2018.

In a lengthy 21-page letter to H.E. the President, she enumerated her successes as ED of KCCA but cited in just four brief paragraphs, the reasons for her resignation which included challenges of reconciling competing interests of political expediency against strategic planning, political interference & inadequate funding.

“I dare say these are challenges that every employee in such position of leadership would face,” Kamya said.

She said Musisi had got a job as City Leader in Residence of the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership initiative at Harvard University where she heads a programme aiming at enrolling 240 cities from around the world.

Her new salary is way ahead of her old salary at KCCA.



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