People power threat to NRM, Ofwono tells Ssenyonyi


Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has confessed that MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine-led People Power Movement is a threat to the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM].

He was appearing with People Power Spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi at Capital Gang programme hosted by Capital FM radio on Saturday.  

Ssenyonyi said people power started in a way “you couldn’t tell where it is now” and a small group discussing issues bothering the country.

“No one pays us, I am volunteering right now, it is tough but okay.”

Victoria University

He spoke on this week’s incident when they were locked out of Kampala hotels and ended up selecting their coordinators from Bobi Wine’s Magere home in Wakiso district.

“We asked for space in different hotels, but most hotel owners didn’t want to associate with us. Which we understood, and know that president Museveni is spreading the cowardice to everyone.”

“We cant have positions for everybody. But if one joined for the cause of having a better country, they should keep doing what they are doing,” he added.

Opondo, Ssenyonyi and Wanyoto at capital gang

According to Ssenyonyi, leadership is a challenge and the political reform is a political joke. “It is very unconstitutional.”

NRM diehard Lydia Wanyoto pointed out that for  Joel to blame whatever is happening due the list on NRM, is not right.

“I know many people have run away from you. There is need for straight, honest political will,” she noted.

But government mouthpiece Opondo noted: “I think people power is threat to NRM, because they are raising genuine concerns which NRM has not dealt with according to people’s expectations.”

He went on: “It is a threat to the established political narrative if they have managed to draw 14 members of parliament. But I dare say, they are going to fall.”

Opondo said courts of law don’t write laws but they arbitrate. It is parliament of Uganda that writes of laws.



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