Cat wars: Zari, Fabiola in stage fight over man


“I do not do admin work,” socialite Zari Hassan told TV personality and MC Anita Fabiola when handed the envelope to announce winners during the Miss Uganda 2019 grand finale at Sheraton Hotel.

It is believed that Zari went off on Fabiola for allegedly calling her ‘mama’ which could have insulted her age.

When Zari was announcing the new beauty crown, Fabiola interrupted her, “…So we have our last three, Maama are you going to do us the honours or…”

Zari was the judge

Zari responded harshly, telling off Fabiola: “Oh you are supposed to be the one doing the admin work.”

Victoria University

She then handed Fabiola the paper with the name of the winner while the NBS host looked on shocked.

“No, be Nice,” Fabiola cried out but Zari went on pacing on stage and garnering the audience’s cheers, shouts and sympathies.

Miss Uganda CEO Brenda Nanyonjo stepped in and took the paper and microphone from Fabiola, halting the ugly scene.

Fabiola was the MC

According to Zari’s Facebook post, Fabiola allegedly slept with another woman’s man who also happens to be The Bosslady’s friend.

“…you are holding a grudge for no reason it wasn’t mine that you were sleeping with but Vera’s and all she died was ask me to intervene and speak to you to stop what your doing.”

“When you denied screen shots followed where you were asking her man money…I was just a messenger,” Zari wrote in a post she has since removed.



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