Museveni says poor more than rosy 11% figures

Museveni addressing Mbarara leaders

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has interacted with leaders from the Greater Ankole region at Kakyeka Grounds in Mbarara town.

He told them that despite official figures showing 11% of the people there living below the poverty line, the actual numbers could be higher.

These “rosy” figures are because statisticians use indicators like calorie intake, access to safe drinking water, ability to access education etc, which are mainly government-provided services, while food for home consumption is readily available, Museveni said.

Museveni beats a drum

He explained that this computation, however, does not take into account that a big percentage of the population is leading a subsistence lifestyle, producing only for consumption.

Victoria University

“Without disposable income to pay for goods and services, this in my view, is a poor population.”

“This is why I have been on this countrywide campaign, to awaken our people to this reality. The 68% of our population in subsistence agriculture must be elevated into the money economy. The leaders must champion this drive.”

“Besides the four-acre model that I have elaborately explained, you must also preach against land fragmentation.”

He said in Kabale, over-fragmentation means few people have at least four acres of land.

Let land be jointly owned by families but only share proceeds, he urged.



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