Museveni gives Masaka mayor Shs52bn budget


President Museveni said he got impressive reviews for the work done in Masaka municipality through the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) program, under the stewardship of the mayor- Godfrey Kayemba.

Therefore, because of the exemplary work done and transparency, the budget for Masaka has been increased from Shs 30.7b to Shs 52b in the next round.

“Like I have said before, infrastructure development is for all of us, however good a road or structure is, it will not help you if you are poor back home. You cannot sleep on the road; you must create wealth in your own homes now.”

Museveni was speaking in Lyakajjula village, Lyantonde district addressing wanainchi on the matter of wealth creation.

Victoria University

Earlier, he met with the leaders in the region and held a public rally in Ryakaihura Sub County, Lyantonde District.

After finishing his wealth creation sensitisation campaign, interacting with the people of greater Masaka region, Museveni headed to Ankole region.



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