Zari weds, crushes on Sonko, exits Diamond’s house

Zari dons wedding ring

South Africa based Ugandan socialite Zarina Hassan aka Zari Thursday quietly walked down the aisle with her Mr King Bae.

That is if we are to take the words of Kenyan singer, songwriter, dancer, socialite and entrepreneur, Esther Akoth aka Akothee’s words seriously,  

The new of the secret wedding was leaked by her newfound friend Akothee ever since Zari visited Kenya two weeks ago.

Zari revealed her wedding day immediately after she landed in Kenya stating that it would be Mandela Day, which falls on 18th July.

Zari and Akothee
Victoria University

Akothee, the founder and CEO of Akothee Safaris, a tour company based in Kenya, and Akothee Homes, a real estate business, who couldn’t keep her mouth shut, said Zari tied the knot with her King Bae.

She even shared a picture of the ring around Zari’s finger, congratulating her as Mrs Bae.

“Kongole my chwity❤, please teach me how to be humble and quiet , this my noise is not helping me 🤣😂😂, I scare potential husbands 🤣😂😂, see my life ooohh , I AM proud of you my Lady Congratulations @zarithebosslady wait my visa is out soon 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃, the baby should wait too , mbuzi kala mkeka wambea hapa vizeee?” Akothee said on Instagram.

Zari replied: “Thanks darling, can’t wait for you to get here. So much to talk about.”

Today morning, Zari accompanied the revelation with a religious song affiriming when God says yes, nobody can say no: “Good morning and guess what? My God is real🙏Friday mood is so lit🔥.”

Her fan Justmepetty said: “Good morning Mrs.M😆😆😆😘😘😘😘…. Yaani my faith in God increased times 10 when I saw how he came through for you!!! Everything those demons said you’ll never be, God made sure you became more than that!!! Congraturations and enjoy your marriage my love😘😘😘😘😘…”

Zari moves out of Diamond house

On Thursday, reports still circulated saying Zari was moving out of Diamond Platnumz’ house in South Africa, one year after dumping the Tanzanian singer she has two kids with.

The mother of five revealed that she bought a new mansion in an upscale neighbourhood of Pretoria, and it is currently undergoing renovation.

She also told Millard Ayo that the new property takes the tally to four, having owned three other houses with her late husband Ivan Ssemwanga.

“Our first house Ivan had it in his name, the second is under Brooklyn City Colleges, and the third is a condominium. The fourth, that I just bought, is a brand a new house,” she said.

On when she is to vacate the South African house Diamond Platnumz paid Sh43.6 million for in 2016, Zari pinned the move on September.

“First of all let me clarify, the house belongs to our kids. Even though it is in his name, I was smart enough to seek investments that our kids can look on to considering the fact that they are in a foreign land. He can claim it, he has a right, if he wants to but I look at it as our kid’s house.

“I’ll move out probably in September because it takes six to eight weeks to register and transfer the title deed. It might come early or later,” she added.

 Her friend Akothee too congratulated Zari on this milestone.

“Babe they dint see it coming 😂🤣😂 cheers to the 2 major moves , Another mansion in your name and a ring on top 🤣😂🤣 with 5 kids ,and lookingvlike a teenager, , I always warn people to mind their business they don’t listen, see now🤔😂🤣, tonight some men will not have sex, the bitterness in their women 🤣😂😂, they go buy viosks today today , bikos zarina Tale Got a mansion 🤣😂😂,” Akothee said on Instagram.

Crush on Nairobi governor Sonko

Earlier social media was awash with reports of Zari’s unending love for Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

In the story, the Ugandan Socialite was reported to be secretly admiring the ‘handsome’ Sonko and hopes to meet him by the end of the year.

“I love this handsome governor because he is a man of impeccable character and passionate convictions. He is not as boyish as the other kid who has been chasing me around,” it read.

Zari allegedly said she cares about Sonko because he reminds her of Ivan, her late husband.

“If you see Mike, please pass a word to him and tell him someone cares about him. I love this man because despite being powerful, he shares traits with my late beloved husband Ivan, who loved to help the poor,” she allegedly said.

Zari on Wednesday through her Insta story set the record straight, accusing the Nairobi county boss of spreading the false rumours and asked him to stop ‘spreading nonsense’.

“This nonsense from this man should stop. No, I have no crush on you, I don’t know you, never met you or anything. Please let me be. You are not my type,” read the post.



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