Museveni back from Nairobi, speaks on poverty trap


President Kaguta Museveni has returned home from Nairobi, Kenya where he attended COMESA summit.

As soon as he landed, he immediately headed to Ngoma in Nakaseke district to continue with his wealth creation tours.

While in Kenya, the president attended a High Level Business Summit in Nairobi where he said Africa’s under-production and under consumption must be cured to address economic transformation.

President Museveni spoke on the need to address bottlenecks that undermine the continent’s efforts to move out of the poverty trap.

Museveni with Kenyatta
Victoria University

“One of the bottlenecks is market integration. Is the market of Uganda of 41 million people enough to support large scale production?”

“No. It is not. So this fragmented markets must be integrated,” he added.

The host President Uhuru Kenyatta emphasized the importance of digitizing African economies saying it will improve transparency and accountability.

“If we want to integrate the continent, we have to be at the same level with regard to our digitization so that the process that we are using in Kenya has interconnectivity with the processes that are being used in Uganda, in Zambia, in Mauritius and elsewhere,” President Kenyatta said.



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