Besigye eulogises Rev Kahangirwe ‘The Great’

Besigye pays last respects

People’s Government President Kizza Besigye Wednesday attended the send-off of Mzee Rev. Kahangirwe Wallen “The Great” in Nyabitete, Bugangari Rukungiri district.

Rev. Kahangirwe 78, was a prominent FDC political leader and religious preacher in Rukungiri District, known for his fearlessness and open promotion of FDC and the values of the struggle.

Locals gave testimonies of how he walked on foot persuading some known NRM and Museveni supporters to join the struggle to liberate Uganda.

Rev. Kahangirwe “The Great” was also one of the religious leaders Police teargased in 2016 when they were going to visit Kizza Besigye at his home after Museveni rigged 2016 elections and put Besigye under house arrest.

Victoria University

He led a protest in Kasangati against Police until they were allowed to see Besigye.

As he battled bad health in the final months, Rev. Kahangirwe always inquired whether the struggle is about to end, wishing he lived to see Museveni gone and Besigye assuming his rightful office.

To the very end, according to eulogies, Kahangirwe requested that even if he retires before Besigye leads him to the Promised Land, at least, he should be there to bury him.

Besigye honoured Kahangirwe’s wish and joined hundreds of other mourners to send off “The Great” as he wished.

Rukungiri MPs Fred Turyamuhweza, Betty Muzanira, National Mobiliser Ingrid Turinawe and FDC leaders and supporters from Rukungiri attended.

Fruit trees were planted in his compound to honour him.



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