Kabuleta flock camp at Kireka SID demanding his release

OC Kireka Ahumuza talking to Kabuleta's followers [URN photo]

Members of journalist-turned-preacher, Joseph Kabuleta fellowship, have stormed Kireka Police Special Investigation Unit [SID] demanding for his release.

The followers who are mostly women clashed with police officers outside the station and demanded to know where their preacher is being held.

This was after they were denied access to him at SIU in Kireka where he is purportedly being detained.

“All I can tell you is Kabuleta will appear in court soon,” the OC Kireka Ahumuza told them but they didn’t buy the explanation.

They decided to camp at the station until their Pastor be produced in court.

On Monday, police spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga, said Kabuleta’s file had been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions [DPP] for perusal and will soon be produced in court.

The flock converged near a road, held hands, and prayed for their pastor after the Police blocked them from accessing SID premises.

Rebecca Kabuleta, wife of detained Pastor and former scribe and family lawyers have complained that the Police’s SID has denied them access to the suspect in detention.

Daniel Walyemera, his lawyer, says he has been denied access to his client who is being held at SID in Kireka.

Kabuleta was arrested last week for annoying the president through offensive communication on Facebook.



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