Annoying Museveni law ridiculous, says Ssenyonyi

Joel Ssenyonyi

People Power spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi says President Museveni has annoyed Ugandans more times than they have annoyed him.

He was speaking on the detention of city Pastor Joseph Kabuleta who is accused of calling Museveni a thief, liar and gambler in his Facebook rants.

“I’m thinking about the ridiculous law of annoying the President. He has himself annoyed us many times,” Ssenyonyi who speaks for Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine-led pressure group noted.

He said the president has even referred to those who critique him as “stupid, foxes, poisonous mushrooms” etc.

Victoria University

“While we should respect President Museveni as our current and outgoing President, he ought to respect us too,” Ssenyonyi suggested.

Burahya County MP Margaret Muhanga‏ reminded Ssenyonyi: “Indeed that’s why there’s a law stating that you can annoy him and none states that he can annoy u…. stay in your lane …. this man is the president and yours is not.”

Senior Presidential Press Secretary Don Wanyama‏ had said on Kabuleta’s arrest: “Apparently, political leadership is now demonstrated by one’s ability to shout their voice hoarse, do theatrics, spew rhetoric, dart here and there, quote scripture (irrelevantly), & exhibit “life and activity”. These are the new standards of leadership as per our intelligentsia.”

Even senior journalist labelled “regime sympathiser” Andrew Mwenda said the arrest of Joseph Kabuleta for “offending the president” was archaic, intolerable and unacceptable.

He said Ugandans have every right to offend the president because they hire him to serve them.

“They should be free to express their anger at how he is running the country justifiably or not! Uganda is a republic not a monarchy, the president is elected by citizens, not anointed by birth; power belongs to the people not to the president who only exercises it on their behalf. So citizens have every right to make judgment of how they think/feel he is performing!” Mwenda noted.

On Tuesday, Kabuleta’s followers stormed Kireka police station demanding that he is either taken to court or released from detention.



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