Tanzania like home to me, Museveni tells Magufuli

Museveni at Magufuli's home in Chato

After the quadripartite summit in Angola, President Museveni passed by Tanzania for a visit to HE John Pombe Magufuli at his country home in Chato District, Geita Region.

He greeted the citizens of Chato in Runyankole: “Nimumanya Orunyankole? Nimurara muta? [do you understand Runyankole? How are you?”

Speaking in Swahili, Museveni told them he had gone to Tanzania to pay pilgrimage.

“While Christians go to Rome, Muslims to Mecca, I come to Tanzania as my pilgrimage. It is like a home to me,” Museveni told Magufuli.

Victoria University

On Friday, Museveni attended a quadripartite summit of Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo and Angola in Luanda.

He thanked His Excellency Joao Manuel Lourenco for hosting the summit and inviting him to the meeting.

He said Uganda will support efforts aimed at ensuring peace and stability in the region and will also back initiatives that seek to better “our countries’ economies and people’s welfare through integration”.

“This is a welcome summit and I look forward to further engagements.”



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