I’m 74 but fit, Museveni leads 10km Kampala walk

President Museveni at Kololo grounds

The second National Day of Physical Activity is underway at Kololo Independence Grounds under the theme; My Health, My Responsibility.

Among other services being provided at the National Day of Physical Activity at the Kololo airstrip are screening services for Diabetes, Cancer, sickle cells, High Blood Pressure and heart diseases, diet and nutrition counselling to sensitize and educate the public on Non Communicable diseases [NCDs].

As part of the activities to mark this important event, President Kaguta Museveni led a 10km walk around Kampala City with the aim of at highlighting and stemming the increasing risk of Non-Communicable Diseases.

Speaking on arrival, Museveni said the human body was made to be powered by only 3000 calories per day.

Victoria University

“That’s also how we calculate poverty. -Include the things that would give you 3000 calories per day. Medical people should tell us the normal foods to eat, to get 3000 calories,” he said.

“From 100kgs, I have been able to knock off 20kgs because of my fitness activities. Storing fat in the body will cause you so many diseases,” Museveni told his audience.

He said the body cannot mobilise quickly and easily to deal with an invasion by the enemy if “you clog it with many fats”.

He said for the soldiers and the athletes, they can take up to 5000 calories per day, reason being, they always burn the calories through extra hard work.

“Normal people on the other hand are required to take in only 3000 calories per day.”

He advised the public to desist from taking drugs and alcohol because of health related issues these bring to the body.

“I’m 74 years old with no blood pressure or diabetes.”



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