Women defend Teddy, vow to hit Bujingo with menstrual pads

Teddy Nasulwa Bugingo

Women activists are up in arms against city pastor Aloysious Bujingo for talking about his wife Teddy Naluswa’s menstrual problems during their marriage.

“I have tried to always keep quiet to respect Teddy but she is playing the sympathy card too much. She says she has been with me for 27 years through thick and thin. But how come she doesn’t talk about her haemorrhage,” Bujingo said in public.

“My wife bled for 10 years. Every single day, I bought cotton since pads could no longer contain her flow. I didn’t have sex for those 10 years. I didn’t even cheat. How come I didn’t get another woman in those years?”

He added: “Surely people must know that if I were to leave, it would have been then. I have been patient, I have tried all my best to make this thing work. Let her stop claiming she is the one who tried her best.”

Victoria University

Bujingo has since decided to divorce Teddy and marry his new catch Susan Makula, a producer at Salt Media.

During the court negotiations, some of the agreements reached so far indicate that Teddy will be entitled to a share of the church collections.


Women activists have filed a petition with Avaaz, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization launched in January 2007 that promotes global activism on issues such as climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict.

The petition is requesting parliament and women organisations to stop Pastor Bujingo from attacking his wife Teddy.  

Winnie Kiiza

Former Leader of Opposition in Parliament Winnie Kizza wrote: “This morning, my thoughts are with Mrs.Teddy Bujingo; a woman, mother and wife.”

The Kasese Woman MP said the publicly made attacks against Teddy over matters any reasonable person considers private are not only ugly but disrespectful of a woman, a mother, and a wife.

It’s lowest of the lows for anybody to treat a mother of his children with disrespect, however complex the situation may be, she lashed out.

“I applaud Mrs. Teddy for not allowing provocation. She has not fought back; a conduct that explains love and respect for the father of her children, however hostile the environment may be. She is not dumb but silent, hoping that the father of her children grows.”

“My message to Mrs. Teddy Bugingo is prayer. There’s nothing strong like a woman, mother and wife that prays. Build a woman, build a nation.”

Frank Gashumba

Sisimuka founder Frank M.Gashumba openly said he was very disappointed with “pastor” Bujingo.

“How can you humiliate and degrade your wife and the mother of your children, the foundation of your wealth to this extent? All because of some “younger” fresh thing that messing with you mind!” Gashumba wondered.  

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo

“You have really disappointed those of us who share routes with you from Masaka. Surprisingly, Bujingo’s followers are clapping with excitement as he demeans a fellow woman.”

He added: “And you Susan Nantaba better be ready for this similar treatment, because if this man is capable of doing this to someone he’s spent almost 20 years of his life with, that should show you the kind of man he is! He is disrespectful, has no morals and no class! Today its Teddy Bujingo, tomorrow, he will be doing the same to you.”

Councillor Nsereko Latifu

Latifu, on the other hand, appreciated the silence Bujingo had shown in the first part of his marriage.

He said the ex-wife known as Teddy dragged their affairs to social media together with her doubt.

“Yes, I agree that some words where not wanting BUT when you look deeply in his words, you will know that Bugingo was a patient man having stood with his wife for all that long without abandoning her.”

“He goes on saying that who’s a man enough to wait for his wife for 10 sold years without having sex without cheating! This part got my heart and humanitarian feelings to stand with Bugingo.”

Bujingo apologises

On Saturday, Bujingo officially apologised over his remarks.

 “I ask Teddy to forgive me from the bottom of her heart. I fully apologize. I had no intention of hurting her. I am sorry to all the women starting from my own mother down to that little girl in the womb.”

He added: “Yes I went through emotional pain in those 10 years. They were trying. But I should have spoken about it in a more sober way.”

Activists did not hear a word he said and promised to march against him on Sunday and Monday consecutively.

They also threatened to raid his House of Prayer Ministries located in the city suburb of Bwaise and throw at him all the pads and cotton his wife used in 10 years.



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