Kabuleta arrest: Bobi Wine likens Museveni to Amin, Obote


The arrest of city pastor Joseph Kabuleta continues to raise dust among political and social circles.

According to Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, Kabuleta, a former journalist “was kidnapped by elements within the security forces and taken into custody”.

Police said in a statement that Kabuleta was arrested [from UMA] for calling President Museveni a thief, liar and gambler. He is charged with offensive communication.

“Before we look at the reasons for this arrest, it is important that we all condemn the manner in which he was arrested- the very way Dr. Stella Nyanzi was arrested,” Bobi Wine noted.

Victoria University

He said “these” people (a small clique within the forces) do not see the need to introduce themselves as required by law.

“They just kidnap you and bundle you into a waiting private car. You will be lucky if you’re not tortured in there.”

“The very things President Museveni causally criticises former Presidents Idi Amin and Milton Obote for! This is an illegal act of impunity which we must all condemn.”

He said citizens cannot be handled in a thug-like manner. “Besides, this has emboldened kidnappers who are not in security, because you cannot tell who is taking you.”

According to the MP, a citizen cannot know if he or she is being taken to CPS or to Mabira forest to be murdered.

Joseph Kabuleta was arrested apparently for making Facebook posts that are offensive to President Museveni.

“For referring to him as a gambler, thief and liar! Are these not statements of fact? But away from that, we know that this arrest is in part because through his writings, Joseph Kabuleta has been exposing the regime’s evil schemes and corruption scandals of gross proportions.”

He said the worst thing every dictator fears is being exposed. This is an attempt to silence all critics- especially those who are bold enough to expose the machinations of a collapsing regime, Bobi noted.

He said the country’s Constitution provides all citizens with the right express themselves.

Citizens have the right to express themselves on how they are being governed in whatever manner, he argued.

“As the courts of law have indeed said, the right to express oneself include the right to offend. I therefore condemn Kabuleta’s arrest and stand in solidarity with him as well as all those who are being held on politically motivated charges.”

“As Mr. Fred Enanga (Police Spokesperson) wrote, they are monitoring social media comments to find ‘offensive statements’ and prosecute them! This is simply intended to create fear in the population. President Museveni knows that he has nothing left to offer except instilling fear and intimidation.”

He concluded: “Comrades, our struggle for freedom is a struggle to free our nation from fear. The citizens of Uganda must be the true owners of this country and stop living in fear to offend their rulers. We shall overcome.”



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