Uganda: a conflicted nation

Musinguzi Goodluck

By Musinguzi Goodluck

The World is beautiful because of diversity. Uganda is more beautiful compared to many countries.

We have many tribes, religion and cultures. Unfortunately today we are not celebrating the beauty of this diversity.

Conflict: Conflict is started, grown, manifested and resolved.

Conflict is inevitable as longer as you have people. It can be violent and nonviolent.

Victoria University

Violence can be physical, emotional, verbal, institutional, structural or spiritual behaviour, policy or condition that diminishes, dominates or destroys others and ourselves.

Different sides don’t agree on causes of conflict.

Scholar Johan Galtung says behaviour, attitudes and contradictions act together to encourage violent conflict.

At contradiction level we have inequality, dispute over territory or resources. Do we have this in Uganda, yes. What’s being done to sort out these contradictions?

Attitudes level we have racism, discriminatory, sexism, victim hood, trauma.

The above two are silent sometimes things happen to individuals, groups. People keep whispering, thinking which encourages conflict.

The last one is BEHAVIOUR.

Behaviour is when violence, genocide, insurgency, attacks, discriminatory acts.

Conflict is now seen and if nothing is done, every nation is capable of sliding to a failed state.

As the debate around tribalism or anger grows, UGANDA needs a NATIONAL DIALOGUE.

Thank you Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy for training Ugandans who will mitigate conflict.

Add to this debate as we look for solutions. Frank Rusa Tsheila Kangwagye.



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