Panamera bar raid: police fails to evict Desh Kananura


Panamera Bar Kampala management says a move by police to evict them from their premises has failed.

‏The proprietor of Naguru based lounge, Andrew Desh Kananura, said earlier Friday morning, there was another “illegal attempt to remove us from our land but it failed”.

City businessman also rally driver Desh and his aides like Professor Mondo Kagonyera put up a fight today engaging police in a four-hour long standoff.

The heavily deployed force had gone to execute a court order to evict the bar’s management.

Victoria University

“All is well at Panamera god just! Relax god is in control no man or money can,” Desh said.

He shared a court order restraining those who are onto him from evicting him from the premises.

Panamera Bar is infamous for the gruesome murder of Badru Kateregga, a former cleaner who, a few years back.



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