NRM’s Urombi wins Nebbi LCV seat

Museveni campaigning for Urombi in Nebbi on Tuesday

The ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] has retained Nebbi LCV seat in the by-election conducted Thursday, according to results available at the Party tally centre.

The official results will soon be released by the National Independent EC. NRM has won in 15 out of the 16 Sub Counties.

Emmanuel Urombi (NRM) polled 22,280 votes defeating his opponents Vicky Onyai (FDC) 4,022 votes and George Othuba (Independent) who got 18,323 votes.

Michael Arinaitwe, the returning officer for Nebbi electoral district, declared Emmanuel Urombi who obtained the largest number of votes as the winner for Nebbi Electoral area.

Urombi now replaces Ezrom William Alenyo, who died in September last year.

“Am here to campaign for NRM without being ashamed because NRM has solved many problems here”, President Yoweri Museveni said while campaigning for Urombi at Nebbi Municipal Ground on Tuesday.

“Nebbi has been around for over 30 billion years but the first tarmac road got here during NRM,” he noted.  

“We are here to elect someone to replace our comrade (William Alenyo) who died. He worked with us to push Nebbi forward. Fill his place with someone who can carry on the same things” the NRM National Party Chairman told voters before he officially introduced the youthful Emmanuel Urombi, 31 to an excited crowd.

 The President also spoke against the misuse of the power of the vote.

“Some people think of minting money from a candidate but how can shs 1000 for 5 years help you? This is misuse of your vote. Elect people who will solve the problems of the society,” he advised.

“NRM has got answers to many of your problems, that’s why I am here to ask you to vote NRM,” he emphasised.



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