Museveni, Kagame tasked on Byamulenge issue at Angola meeting

Uganda's President Museveni (R) with Rwandan counterpart, Kagame during their meeting in Entebbe in 2018.

Rwandan President Paul Kagame and his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni are on Friday expected to shed more light on the political tensions affecting their countries when they meet in Angola for talks on security matters in the Great Lakes.

The EastAfrican reported that both President Museveni and Kagame will attend the one-day Quadripartite Summit in the Angolan capital, Luanda, on an invitation by Angolan President João Lourenço.

Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi is also expected to attend the function.

Kampala and Kigali have been feuding since 2017 leading to a breakdown in relations early this year that affected the flow of goods and people across their common border.

Rwanda accuses Uganda of supporting rebels and dissidents opposed to Kagame’s government, a charge that Museveni denies.

Uganda also accuses Kigali of conducting espionage on its soil and infiltrating its security apparatus.

The DRC armed rebel situation is also likely to be on the table as the country borders all the three countries that will be represented at the summit.

President Tshisekedi recently vowed to flush out rebel groups in the eastern part of the country and asked neighbouring to join the fight.

Rwanda, Angola and Uganda host millions of Congolese refugees.

Banyamulenge appeal

Alexis Sebatware Byicaza, the Leader of a political party called “Innovative Forces for the Union and Congolese Democracy”, has used the opportunity to appeal to the heads of state to look into the Banyamulenge situation.

DRC officials in Minembwe

A Munyamulenge leader and politician, Byicaza addressed the leaders thus: “we would like to request the presidents who are expecting to meet in next meeting of Angola summit on security issue, to solve the issue affecting Banyamulenge community in Haut-plateau of Minembwe.”

He said the problem which they have is not community conflict but is about foreign or neighbours countries who came to fight in their motherland, in solving this issues require to examining in deep the causes to help founding the solution to that problems.

“We need also to send our message to the presidents to ask our DRC president Felix Tshisekedi Tshilombo to explain why the 76 villages of Banyamulenge was burnt while we cried every day in requesting his government to intervene  but they didn’t do that,” Byicaza noted.

He added: “Is there an agenda hidden his government have to all this calamities we are facing in our country? Because before his coming to power, we do not have these issues we face today!”

“If yes, why the one who is the cause of conflicts in our motherland can be invited to restore security? Is it not like joking?”

Byicaza said his political party Innovative Forces for the Union and Congolese Democracy, is convinced that the problems of the countries are coming from bad government or mismanagement of leaders they have today.

“We call to this meeting to intervene in solving problems which came to the leaders who betrayed our community and who have agenda to relocate our parents to home.”

This is why Byicaza requested this meeting of DRC, Rwanda, Uganda and Angola’s presidents to talking to the Banyamulenge community and the problem they are facing today.

“We know just how this agenda to relocate our people is in process and was planned with government of DRC.”



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