Tshisekedi told to let ex-president Kabila lead Congo army

Kabila at historic inauguration of President Felix Tsishekedi at the Palace of the Nation in Kinshasa.

A candidate in the December Presidential Elections Alain-Daniel Shekomba, has called on President Félix Tshisekedi to appoint the former Head of State Maj Gen Joseph Kabila as head of military operations east of the DR Congo.

Through his twitter handle Shekomba said Kabila’s knowledge of the region was vital bringing peace to the volatile.

“Given his military experience, as head of state and leader of men, I ask President Felix Tshisekedi to appoint Joseph Kabila as head of military operations in the east of the country to restore the authority of the state,” he tweeted.

He added:”I believe that Joseph Kabila knows the region well and his military authority is not discussed. In addition, he mastered the local region, language and culture of the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

Victoria University

The restoration of peace in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo was of the main priorities Felix Tshisekedi has on manifesto during the electoral campaign.

However, more than six months after he began his reign of Felix Tshisekedi, has done little to solve the eastern debacle with various groups including Mai Mai Wakatumbi, Red Tabara, suspected elements from Rwandan Army battling Banyamulenge are said to be royal to dissident Rwanda General Kayumba Nyamwasa.



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