Nambooze wants labour export suspended, maids in Middle East brought back

MP Nambooze

Mukono Municipality MP Hon Betty Nambooze has called for the suspension of labour export as government finds solutions to the increasing torture meted on the Ugandans working as maids in homes in the Middle East.

Nambooze stood on a matter of national importance on the issue of labour exportation during Thursday plenary chaired by deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah.

She said many of these Ugandans are taken to other countries by agencies that are not licenced.

“Hon speaker, we don’t have space at our embassy in Abu Dhabi. So these girls sleep on the verandas. The embassy has not capacity to feed them,” she told the house.

She added: “I stand here to request you to order that our government does everything possible to bring back these girls immediately.”

Victoria University

Deputy Speaker Oulanyah tasked the Minister for Gender, Labour & Social Development Hon. Janat Mukwaya to present a ministerial statement on labour export in Uganda.

“We want the minister to come here with statistics and explain to this house,” Oulanyah stated.  

He said there are errant companies that traffic girls which need to be dealt with.

“This time the minister must come with a statement so the house can debate and find a way,” Oulanyah directed.

This follows a story of Gandhi Doreen Magezi who was exported to Middle East by Marphie International Recruitment Agency led by Ruth Karungi, a wife to commissioner of Police Henry Tukahirwa.

Magezi, a diploma holder, according to Nambooze “was placed on a stall and sold to the highest bidder at $3000 and later handed over to a family that has been treating her as a sub- human.”



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