Guns not issue, Bantariza tells Ainebyona family

Deputy government spokesperson, Col (Rtd) Shaban Bantariza

Religious leader Imam Iddih Kasozi says some Ugandans, especially those who are in the political field, are very angry.

He was Thursday speaking on the shooting of Arnold Aneibyona Mugisha at Quality Supermarket in Namugongo by a security guard while appearing on NBS television alongside deputy government spokesperson, Shaban Bantariza.  

He said the anger is expressed to the public who react and that is where the problem is.

“We need to go back and ask ourselves why we are carrying this hate for a long time?”

Victoria University

Host: Why have we gotten to the extent of marginalising people?

Imam Kasozi: I fear explaining how it is because I might make it worse. We appreciate how we were created.

Let us appreciate the fundamental social process. We mustn’t turn the competition into a conflict, which is where we are right now. If the national cake is the issue, how do we draw the picture for the people to see it?

In his turn, Bantariza said economies are not yet able to support the work demand. There are very many things that happen that aren’t right that people should interest themselves in.

“We should be able to care about our people. Better a live rat than a dead lion. We are very intolerant. We must do something about it because it is the social fabric of our country.”

He added: “The leaders who are promoting and propagating hate speech due to our political affiliations should know that we are planting a seed of self-destruction.”

Host: Is impunity at its highest?

Bantariza: There is a need for serious reflection as a society. People need to know that we shall never be the same, but we mustn’t interpret this to say one is better than the other. The divide is on our bankrupt thinking.

According to Bantariza, the guns aren’t the issue, “we need to regulate and professionalise private security guards”.

He added: “We need to reorganise our private security guards because they are part and parcel of the country’s security apparatus.”

Host: Have we gotten to the point where we are highly polarised?

Bantariza: No. People are brewing trouble for opportunistic purposes. We have people propagating wrong views. We need to discuss what makes us Ugandans, where we want to go and how to get there safely.

Host: Has NRM made people angry?

Bantariza: NRM has made Ugandans happy.



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