Gandhi Doreen, maid tortured in Jordan, pins agency


A Ugandan maid allegedly tortured in Jordan, Gandhi Doreen Magezi, has finally spoken out on the ordeal that she went through after being exported to Middle East by Marphie International Recruitment Agency.

Magezi, a diploma holder, according to Mukono Municipality MP Hon Betty Nambooze “was placed on a stall and sold to the highest bidder at $3000 and later handed over to a family that has been treating her as a sub- human.”

While in Jordan, Magezi worked in Amman, the country’s capital for a lady who works as a civil servant.

Marphie International Recruitment Agency Limited Director, Ruth Karungi, claims Magezi who is now on a hospital bed “had an accident prior going to Jordan”.

Victoria University

Karungi is said to be a wife to commissioner of Police Henry Tukahirwa.

This is what Magezi says told NBS TV host Samson Kasumba:

Samson Kasumba: Do you think you were prepared enough for the Arab world?

Magezi Doreen: No. Those people have different cultures and laws. Here in Uganda, you’re briefed bits about the Arab world but when you get there, you are surprised. I can’t tell if the agencies know the truth. They should come up with a way of knowing what really happens there. I was taken by a registered company, Marphie International Recruitment Agency.

Marphie International Recruitment Agency Limited Director, Ms Ruth Karungi [Photo by Campusbee]

When you say work was hectic, what does it mean?

Magezi: The size of the house was really big, 7 rooms plus. You wake up at about 6 am. You take about 4 to 5 hours to clean the house. The earliest you sleep is 10 pm, most times you’re on your feet working.

I’ve heard that girls who go to the Arab world are lazy!

Magezi Doreen: Showing interest in work indicates we’re not lazy. We leave for those countries because we’re looking for better pay. However, standing the whole day is something else.

Were you tortured?

Magezi: Torture has different forms. I’ve ended up on this hospital bed because of the various things I went through. After waking up at 6 am, your first meal is at midday. The next meal comes at 5 or 6 pm. Most times it might be your last.

When did you know that your health was deteriorating?

Magezi Doreen: The first 3 weeks were okay. It’s in the fourth week that I started feeling body pain. As days progressed, the pain intensified. One day, I was given chemical to scrub silver and bronze materials in the house. The moment you inhale the chemical, you feel pain.

When I talked to my employer about it, their response was, ‘why did you leave your country to come work here’? When I started coughing blood and mucus, my employer gave herbal tea because, in the Arab world, you don’t get sick

I got Hon. Betty Nambooze’s number through a family contact. This was after I had tried everything but there was no rescue. I came aboard Fly Dubai vomiting all the way. I expected to be received by my family but to my surprise, I was received by security personnel. They took me to the police station.

Were you asked to refund the money?

Magezi Doreen: Marphie International Recruitment Agency asked me to refund the 3000 dollars right from Jordan.

Were you paid for the time you worked?

Magezi Doreen: I was paid for the first two months, the third month wasn’t paid.

Did you ever sign any contract?

Magezi Doreen: There are some preliminary contracts you sign. On the contract I signed, I saw the name of the country, the duration and my name. I didn’t see any detailed information.



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