I don’t give jobs to relatives, claims Byabashaija

Prisons boss Byabashaija

The Commissioner General of Uganda Prisons, Dr. Johnson Omuhunde Rwashote Byabashaija, on Wednesday stirred a twitter storm claiming he doesn’t employ relatives.  

“I have received many, very many requests from relatives, friends & in-laws for me to help them join the Uganda Prisons Service as recruits or Cadets,” Byabashaija tweeted.

He added: “Unfortunately I can’t.”

Byabashaija advised the so-called relatives and family members to “kindly follow the adverts and adduce the requirements at the recruitment centres”.

Victoria University

“God bless you,” he concluded, wishing them luck.

The claim set a heated twitter discussion in motion with many accusing him of telling blatant lies as a marketing/PR stunt.

Here are some reactions:

Matenge Sylvester @MatengeS: @jbyabs, not a very bad public relations stunt. Unfortunately, no one will believe you for now. We know there is RDCS list, statehouse list, prisons authorities list and then the bribery list courtesy of Human resource. Receive and train is the word they use.

Albert Mwesige @AlbertMwesige1: What a lie…. No one wishes to be paid less than 100dollars per month as salary…

Andrew Bagala @andrewbagala: Who will bury you?  

Johnson Byabashaija @jbyabs: When you are dead, it doesn’t matter & it doesn’t help. Whether 2 people or 10,000 , you are dead. Period.

Emma Bankx Germaine @EmmaBankx: my dear this is all overdue, u already recruited them and you are remaining with none those calling you are mare ghosts in your dreams. don’t pretend to be smart now. can i say you have just joined twitter and 10yrs ago no one called you to help

Capitano Emma 🇺🇬 @capitanoemma: I passed by the Prison Secretariat ,OMG, the application files are almost to the roof but surprisingly saw senior officers dropping applications for their people, I remembered the interview I did for CAA running for 20km, only 60 people managed. But why did you advertise little?

Johnson Byabashaija @jbyabs: Those are the vacancies available Emma. I hope you aren’t a prospective candidate. I guess it is easier to pass through an eye of a needle than………..

Capitano Emma 🇺🇬 @capitanoemma: You know when I saw this I knew my dream has come true even after meeting you, I made sure I let you know about my prospects unless there is another advert coming out soon. But what I saw on Level 4, I held firm on farming.

Golooba Richard @exodusmediaa: Dr relatives of Uganda today and their mentality will disown you. Am afraid you might be left alone. God bless

Johnson Byabashaija @jbyabs: Truth is always very bitter!!!

BIZIMANA DAVID @BIZIMANADAVID: That’s the challenges of leadership in African society. I feel sorry and sympathise for you in this matter. But somewhere you will be cornered and you will fail to say no. Will tell you when we meet

Yoweri @jkashongore: We all know that won’t work because some VIPs will come with lists of their people & ask for favours. I know this because I have experienced it first hand and the recruitment officer told me that I didn’t go through because there are special lists and not because I failed.

Just spare our siblings the trouble so that they can allocate their small money elsewhere instead of printing forms and taking passport photos because their applications will end up as fried cassava wraps in Luzira and the nearby areas.

Owen Rwakishaija‏ @ORwakishaija: Mr. Commissioner help your people as you were helped by others. Don’t appeal to rigid societal demanding details. Owanyu kwahakuura origasha ebyaara bye.      

Who is Byabashaija?

Dr Byabashaija holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (1982) of Makerere University and a Master of Science Degree of University of Glasgow, UK, (1986).

Dr Byabashaija

He also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Management of the Uganda Management Institute.

He joined the Uganda Prisons Service in 1983 as an Officer Cadet and rose through the ranks to be appointed the Commissioner General of Prisons in May 2005 to date.

He is a member of the Rotary Club of Kajjansi, District 9211 and is on the Steering Committee of the African HIV/AIDS in Prisons Partnership Network (AHPPN).

Dr Byabashaija is the Chairperson of the African Correctional Services Association (ACSA) elected at the 3rd ACSA Biennial Conference in Maputo, Mozambique and was appointed to the Board of the International Corrections and Prisons Association October 2014 at the 16th AGM and Conference in Namibia.



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