I’m captain Uganda, Fresh Kid imitates Captain America

Fresh Kid is now "Captain Uganda"

Uganda’s youngest rapper Patrick Ssenyonjo aka Fresh Kid says from now on, he must be referred to as “Captain Uganda” emulating “Captain America”.

Set predominantly during World War II, “Captain America” tells the story of Steve Rogers, a sickly man from Brooklyn who is transformed into the super-soldier Captain America and must stop the Red Skull, who intends to use an artifact called the “Tesseract” as an energy-source for world domination.

Standing in front of a suit of the hero in a toy shop, Fresh Kid who is currently in Dubai, declared himself “everything”.

Fresh Kid in Dubai

“Am the king, the ruler, the mayor. Let’s forget captain America. It’s high time for captain Ug [Uganda],” he said.

The rapping baby said he was already “Breathing & smelling Arabic money”.

He is scheduled to perform in Dubai tonight before heading to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates [UAE] tomorrow for another show.

Fresh Kid says that girl was checking him out

“Morning my people at Home(+256). Am killing them 😂, Look at the stare this Slayer is giving me😂😂😂😂😂😂. It’s all set, it’s doing down tonight,” he said sharing images of himself enjoying the Middle East country.



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