We want Museveni out before next election- Amuriat

FDC President Amuriat in West Nile

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party President Patrick Oboi Amuriat has resumed Party Mobilisation programmes in the West Nile.

While addressing FDC structure leaders in Adjuman district Friday, the President affirmed that his mobilisation expedition in the Country is to prepare the population “to push Mr Museveni out of power even before the next election”.

He said that the FDC Party was formed to cause regime change and take back power to the People.

The Party has undergone a number of phases and preparations, and as of today, Ugandans are more prepared to see off Mr. Museveni more than ever before.

Victoria University

The President further said that Mr. Museveni has turned Ugandans into paupers, made poverty house hold for everyone and the Party cannot allow this to continue.

He therefore requested the people of Adjuman to stand firm and facilitate the process of seeing off Mr. Museveni to enable a new government that will bring “sanity to the country”.



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