Riot police sabotages ANT party Mbarara meeting

ANT members facing off with police in Mbarara town

Anti-riot police Friday disrupted a meeting held in Mbarara town by members of the Alliance for National Transformation [ANT] party which is coordinated by former army commander Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu.

Daniel Bukare, the National Spokesperson of Alliance for National Transformation ANT Youth League, said the officers from Mbarara Central Police sabotaged their Ankole Sub Regional Meeting with the Members of Alliance For National Transformation.

The meeting was being held at Uncle Speed Gardens in Mbarara town, the same spot where last month, the party elected Ankole sub region mobilisation committee.

Police deployed at the venue

“The National Executive of The Youth witnessed these hazards towards the struggle to change in this country,” Bukare pointed out.

Victoria University

He said the meeting was being chaired by Daniel Kafureka, the Ankole sub region coordinator.

Riot police stormed Uncle Speed Gardens in Kakoba division and ordered all participants to vacate even when police had already cleared them.

Bearing in mind that top party youth leadership had travelled from Kampala for the meeting, Bukare said they opted to change the venue and ensure the meeting takes place.

He said they managed to hold a discussion of the Youth League Leadership and Main Stream Structure of Ankole Sub Region Coordinators at Mizabibu Gardens in Biharwe, outside Mbarara town.



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