Nambooze: police boss selling girls to Arabs as slaves 

Doreen is one of the victims who returned home

The Air Dubai plane that touched down at Entebbe airport yesterday evening  brought into Uganda more misery than the anticipated happiness. Dozens of girls who were trafficked  to the Arab world as slaves were  being  returned  to meet their relatives after a protracted battle which we started about two Weeks ago.

 Parents wept on seeing their girls as some had to be wheeled off the plane in wheelchairs. The girls have broken limbs,bruised faces,scars …they are so skinny and sick. Yet these are the lucky ones as some of their colleagues are dead and or cant  be traced.

Doreen Magezi one of the victims is the one who put through a distress call to me as her area MP. She was promised work by Marpie International  company of Kigowa Ntinda. Marphie advertises its self as a labour  agency.  Its owned by One Ruth Karungi wife to commissioner of Police Henry Tukahirwa.

On reaching Jordan, Doreen was placed on a stall and sold to the highest bidder at $ 3000 and later handed over to a family that has been treating her as a sub- human. I raised this matter in Parliament  and through this effort,Karungi was forced to return the girl,sick and shattered. My involvement saved some other girls who were in Jordan under the same arrangement. Interestingly these slave traders had attempted to force the family to pay back the $3000 before returning  the girl…I told the family to leave the matter in my hands.

To display the highest  level of impunity Karungi who raid the airport with might most probably through her husband ordered the airport Police to arrest Doreen on arrival and indeed they arrested her. On gun point a Police lady at entebbe Airport made this girl  to record a statement  stating why she contacted me! It took my team up to after midnight to get the girl released and taken to hospital since she is in a bad state. These girls have been placed in various health centers amidst fear that they can be harmed by the traffickers since they don’t want them to live and tell the story.

By this post am calling on us all to fight slave trade….we cant be so evil a Country,,a country that in this 21st century sell off its energetic,educated young people into slavery.

Statement by Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze.


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