Judiciary, Katureebe spent Shs450m on two toilets

Possible Hi-Tech toilet

Uganda Judiciary, the third arm of Government, under the doctrine of separation of powers, is embroiled in a Shs34bn scandal involving money that was illegally spent.

Judiciary officials whose mission is “to be an independent, competent, trusted and accountable” appeared before the Public Accounts Committee [PAC] of Parliament chaired by Hon Nandala Mafabi early in the week.

PAC is investigating how judiciary spent Shs450m on two flush toilets.

One was built at Chief Justice Bart Katureebe’s home by Palwan Engineering Workds Limited at a cost of Shs13m.

Victoria University

Another more expensive toilet was constructed at Entebbe Chief Magistrates Court by Platinum Engineering Limited at a whooping Shs436m.

According to Auditor General John Muwanga’s Report, the payment for the two toilets was made in March 2018 and October 2017, respectively.

Mafabi said they will visit and verify the picture of the toilet that cost such an amount of money.

On Wednesday, PAC handed Judiciary Permanent Secretary (PS) Kagole Kivumbi over to Police CIID for investigations over alleged contempt of Parliament.

Fish toilet

Kivumbis is under probe by PAC over illegal expenditure of Shs34 billion in the financial year 2017/18 which includes 10 new cars for newly appointed judges.

The PS on Tuesday skipped the Committee meeting on grounds that he was sick but didn’t have medical records to substantiate his claims.

Budadiri West Mafabi said Kivumbi lied in order to dodge the meeting. Judiciary officials are expected to return to parliament next week.



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