Museveni meets woman who hid him from Amin soldiers

Museveni meeting Loy Situma and her colleague who saved him from Amin's soldiers

President Museveni on Wednesday met Mrs Loy Situma, 73, the proprietor of Situma Lodge in Nauyo, Mbale Municipality, who saved him from death.

Museveni said Loy’s lodge housed him on a night in January 1973 as Idi Amin soldiers hunted for him following an attack on his colleagues and himself.

Earlier that day, Amin soldiers had attacked him at Comrade Maumbe Mukhwana’s House 49 in Malukhu Estate, killing his colleagues Martin Mwesigwa and Wunku Mpima.

“I escaped and found my way to Nauyo, where a young boy led me to the lodge run by Loy and her husband, George.”

Victoria University

Reminiscing about the past, Museveni met Loy in whose company was Alaziya Namusosa, whose shop was near the lodge and was ransacked the following day.

Amin’s soldiers later established that Museveni had spent the night in Nauyo.

“I thank the elderly women for their warm reception,” Museveni said in gratitude.



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