Mao makes Chameleone his striker against Lukwago

Mao and Chameleone at the unveiling [Daily Monitor photo]

Democratic Party (DP) Wednesday welcomed singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone as a member at Sharing Youth Centre in Nsambya.

DP President General Norbert Mao said such big people must be made strikers.

Chameleone is up against Erias Lukwago for the Kampala Mayoral seat come 2021 elections.

“The long wait is over! The long talk is over! The truth is now floating like oil over water! DP is firing up,” Chameleone said.

Victoria University

Chameleone called it “the transition and transformation” and his first mile of the long political journey.

“We are bound to make the City green and great again,” he said, citing People Power Movement which is led by Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Gerald Siranda, the Secretary General Democratic Party, said the many people who have crossed from the NRM to DP have been unveiled.

“We appreciate Jose Chameleone the way he is. We don’t undermine anybody because they all come with their own force, we appreciate every contribution they bring to the struggle.”

He added: “What happened yesterday was a recruitment process that every party is doing. We have seen the NRM take very many people and unveil them. This is the DP model, we welcome everyone.”

Misled into NRM Tubonga Naawe

Speaking at the unveiling, Chameleone said he doesn’t support the ruling National Resistance Movement but was only looking for money.

He had led the Tubonga Nawe musical campaign for President Museveni’s 2016 presidential bid.

Emphasising that he is ready to work with Bobi Wine and Democratic Party, Chameleone explained that he has never been in NRM.

“I would like to make it clear to everybody that I am a service deliverer and I have been a musician for all these years looking for money.”

He added: “People want to call me NRM but my background right away from my grandparents, even my own father, brothers we are all DP members.”

 “Forget about my past. I’m a grown-up who wants to contribute to liberating the nation. Our time is now. What affects the disadvantaged masses affects me too.”

Chameleone explained that he joined DP with his two of his brothers; Pallaso and Weasel, because the party showed him love and did not discriminate against him.


Mao, in turn, appointed Chameleone, DP national mobiliser saying they aim at winning all the regional leadership positions in 2021.

“Our regional target is to sweep 100 per cent win at all levels and we will achieve this. We have now overcome the endless inter warring, which has affected us negatively. DP is a party for all,” Mao explained.

He said the issue of a single presidential flagbearer had not yet been resolved by the different political Opposition players but said he wishes it for himself.

“I will support whoever will be chosen and I will contest elsewhere, after all, in Gulu Municipality, someone who will ever beat me is yet to be born.”



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