UPDF Col Muwonge accused of spying for Rwanda gets redeployed .

Uganda People’s Defense forces (UPDF) have reportedly redeployed the former Head of Intelligence land forces Col Paul Muwonge who was reportedly arrested by the army on accusations of spying for Rwanda.

According to a story by Daily Monitor on 29th May, Col Muwonge was reportedly arrested on May 22 and detained at the high security Makindye Military Barracks in Kampala for spying Rwanda.

This was after he was found to be in regular contact with two Rwanda Generals. Col David Gonyi was swiftly appointed to replace him to ensure no vacuum in the highly sensitive post.

However, the UPDF spokesperson Brig Richard Karemeire through a tweet was quick to refute the claims saying Col Muwonge was not under custody and was being investigated for conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline.

“The UPDF refutes the story in today is Daily monitor paper that one of its officers is imprisoned for allegedly spying for the Republic of Rwanda. This is false. The said Colonel is not under custody but is being investigated for conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline” Brig Karemeire tweeted.

 However, edge.ug understands that Col Muwonge has been redeployed to the directorate of Counter terrorism in the UPDF after investigation exonerated him.

A highly placed source within the UPDF told this website that the senior officer was indeed arrested on suspicion of spying for Rwanda but has since been redeployed after it was found out that the accusation against him was baseless and held no water.

“It true Col Muwonge was arrested on suspicion of spying for Rwanda but investigations have now exonerated him. He has a new deployment at the Directorate of Counter Terrorism” the source noted.

When placed further on where the accusation on the spy master could have originated from, the source noted that the army is currently investigating.

 “Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) is currently investigating the source of the accusation and what the motive could have been.”

When contacted on phone, Karemire told edge.ug that the allegations against Muwonge were false.

 “You remember my explanation when that story came up in Daily Monitor. That shows the allegations were false. His matter was resolved,” Karemire said.

 Karemire confirmed Muwonge has since been redeployed to counterterrorism.

 Col Muwonge, an outstanding military spymaster with deep knowledge of Congolese and Rwandan situation.

He has served and achieved highly in various key intelligence positions in West Nile Sub-region, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and as the Intelligence Officer for UPDF 2nd Division based in Mbarara, which is responsible for guarding Uganda’s territory and national sovereignty on the western axis that straddles eastern DRC and Rwanda frontiers.

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