Serena hotel staff stage sitdown strike


By Kagenyi Lukka

Staff of Kampala Serena Hotel Saturday staged a sit down strike paralysing the top hotel in the city.

The staff who abandoned and left hundreds of guests stranded, accuse management of mistreatment.

A venue for both local and international conferences and meetings, the hotel is part of the Aga Khan business empire.

Staff further accuse management of favoring expatriate workers and refusal to listen to their problems.

Victoria University

Staff further accuse their Kenyan General Manager Anthony Chege who of abusing his privileges for over eight years.

Not long ago, the Group Managing Director Mahmoud Jan Mohamed flew in from Nairobi headquarters in Kenya to address the several problems.

Mahmoud is instead seen on camera lambasting staff for allegedly embarrassing the establishment.

“You cannot hold me at gunpoint and say you want me to do this or that,” he fumed.

He added:” Then we as management wouldn’t be in charge. If this is how you behave, I will close down the hotel for two weeks and start all over again.”

In response, the staff on Saturday morning refused to do anything and just gathered in the parking area.

Police was deployed at all entrances and exits to save the situation.



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