Amisom captures top al-Shabaab commander

The vehicle the terrorists were using

The African Union Mission in Somalia [AMISOM] together with Somali national forces have captured a top al-Shabaab commander before he could launch attacks in the horn of Africa nation.

The joint operations near Muri town Wednesday captured Al Shabaab commander Abrahin Noou and his intelligence staff.

The terrorists were planning to attack Ei Salin, one of the newly liberated forward operating bases.

The culprits have been handed over to National Intelligence and Security Agency [NISA].

Victoria University

Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen, more commonly known as al-Shabaab, is a jihadist fundamentalist group based in East Africa.

In 2012, it pledged allegiance to the militant Islamist organization Al-Qaeda.

In February 2012, some of the group’s leaders quarrelled with Al-Qaeda over the union, and quickly lost ground.



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