Kasekende should be held liable over BOU currency saga


By Kagenyi Lukka

As investigations into Bank of Uganda (BOU) currency saga intensify, the conspicuous loud silence of the deputy governor, Dr. Louis Kasekende, remains a mystery to everyone.

The string of scandals that have rocked the central bank of late point to a direct failure of supervision by Kasekende, especially within the currency department, which he directly supervises as deputy governor.

It is difficult to fathom that junior officials can endorse importation of contraband goods or even print extra cash without the knowledge of their direct supervisor.

Victoria University

In fact even if we are to say that they participated in dirty dealings without Kasekende’s knowledge, it is difficult to explain to the lay man that the deputy government was or is unaware of the dealings within his docket.

This is clear negligent of duty, and abuse of office.

Like it is clearly coming to the fore, the Bank of Uganda Governor, Prof. Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile, recently requested the Anti-Corruption Unit of State House headed by Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema to investigate a matter on how the sh350b Central Bank new currency consignment (C10521)  packed in 20 pallets containing the currency from France, which was supposed to be exclusively shipped to Uganda by the contracted Ms Kuene ++Nagel cargo chartered plane, contained other five suspicious cargo pallets belonging to 13 private entities, including, the United Nations (UN), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and private business people.

The consignments of the 13 clients whose cargo was suspiciously loaded on the plane included Mandela Millers (machinery-light wall panels under), USAID (entomology equipment), Jamani Investments (Security X-Ray machinery), Charles Mbire (unbranded adhesive) and the UN with the largest consignment of lead acid batteries, aircraft parts, human blood apparatus and converters.

Others were SEMLIKI Dairy (tri-power fuses and switches), Amptech (pumps) and Ministry of Health (medical equipment).

It is alleged that all this happened without the knowledge of Kasekende, who is the direct supervisor of the currency department!

Surely, how can all these shoddy deals happen without Kasekende’s knowledge?

All we have seen is a showcase of what Justice John Bosco Katutsi famously described as “small fish” and leaving the huge fish to swim freely in the face of glaring corruption and connivance.

Why pick a few individuals, junior, and then, argue that you have dealt with the creeping corruption habit at the central bank.

The Director of Currency at Central Bank, Charles Malinga, a brother to Bukedea MP, Anita Amongi, Francis Kakeeto, the regional currency manager, Mbale and  Fred Wanyama, the assistant regional manager Kabale, have been already charged with abuse of office and negligence of duty.

If you charge these people, why leave Kasekende, their supervisor scott free?

All previous reports, including the COSASE probe report and IGG inquiries have all pointed at Kasekende’s role in the scandal that have rocked the central bank of late, but somehow, he is left scott free. Why?

The earlier, Kasekende starts to provide answers to the unending scandals at the bank, the better it will be for the country.

Kagenyi Lukka is a current affairs analyst and an aspiring MP for Ikiiki county 2021.



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