Video: Blogger Peng Peng ‘drugs, chews’ Mama Fina

A shocking video has emerged of Sylvia Namutebi popularly known as Mama Fina, a Ugandan based famous traditional doctor dancing herself into a stupor abroad.

According to the video, Mama Fina on her latest trip to Sweden met the Ugandan blogger Raymond Soulfa commonly known as Peng Peng.

Peng Peng smoking shisha

In the video, she tells Peng Peng to alert Ugandans that their one and only Mama Fina is in Sweden.

She then dances with the blogger to B2C and Rema’s latest hit song ‘Gutujja’.

She is seen caressing the naked body of Peng Peng as he urges her on at her rented apartment in Sweden.

A one Isma recorded the video which shows the two a little too close to comfort while dancing.

Peng Peng dancing naked with Mama Fina

Then Mama Fina splashed loads of cash and Peng Peng and Isma cheer on.

A shirtless Peng Peng comforts Mama Fina: “Mummy don’t cry, everyone loves you.” 

Mama Fina in action

She replies crying: “Peng Peng why talk too much”.

“Peng Peng being shirtless is no news and I think most people take alcohol and dance so stop judging me for doing things that normal people do,” Fina said in her defence.

She added: “People will always focus on your bad not good, why is it that no one heard the part where I said Peng go home you are drunk.”

Unconfirmed reports claim Peng drugged the witch and rode her like a stolen boda boda or chewed her like fresh cucumber. We could not verify this report.

Fina was recently denied a visa to England by the British visa issuing agency in Pretoria, South Africa claiming her source of income is questionable.

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