Rent in dollars: MP plucks off own roof to eject tenant

MP Mbwatekamwa Gaffa

A Member of Parliament confessed how he removed the roof of his own house in order to kick out a tenant.

Hon Mbwatekamwa Gafa, the member of parliament for Kasambya county, made the shocking revelation Thursday while legislators debated the Physical Infrastructure Committee report about the Landlord and Tenant Bill, 2018.

“The tenants are sometimes so funny, one time I was forced to remove the roof off my rental,” Gaffa told the house.

He added: “The tenant had refused to move until I removed the roof.”

Victoria University

MPs debate bill

The Opposition Chief Whip, Ssemujju Nganda, said the bill could be passed but requires massive sensitization owing to tensions between the two parties.

MPs proposed that the Landlord and Tenant bill should make advance payment of rent (3 months) voluntary.

MP Nganda

Hon Alum Santa, UPC Party Whip said that some tenants are stressed with payment of rent three (3) in advance.

Hon Betty Nambooze (Mukono) said the landlord and Tenant bill excludes accommodation in education institutions yet it is a major business.

Since it involves students and parents, this is an area we can’t fail to regulate.


“I want to remind the Minister in charge of housing that Ugandans are still looking at government to provide low cost housing for low income earners,” Nambooze noted.

On the proposal to keep the premises habitable Brig. Flavia Byekwaso, (UPDF Representative said, “we should not delete it from the bill, we need to state conditions under which each party is to keep the premises clean.”  

Legislators proposed that the Landlord and Tenant Bill should provide for voluntary collection of rent in dollars.

Brig Byekwaso

MPs observed that there is need to strengthen the shilling, thus the need to restrict mandatory rent collection in US dollar.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga advised MPs to read the Landlord and Tenant Bill, 2018, to conceptualise it and return for debate at the next sitting.

She has also advised MPs who want to consult, to do so before the next House sitting.



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