Klint, Muhangi fill up UMA, crack revelers’ ribs

Muhangi and Klint on stage

Comedy Store Uganda boss Alex Muhangi and his Nigerian guest comedian Klint Da Drunk Thursday night pulled thousands of revelers to fill UMA show grounds in Lugogo to the brim and then cracked their ribs all night long.

Muhangi, the host of the massively attended show, also acted as the MC of the night, introducing comedians and musicians alike to his audience.

Muhangi grooves with Ssenga

In a lighter moment, he took off some time to groove with Ssenga Justine, leaving the audience rolling with excitement.

Known comedian MC Mariachi was among those who made the night more colourful, giving the much needed vigour to the show.

MC Mariachi doing his thing
Victoria University

He cracked his audience with the story of an “old hoe” saying when you take a woman to a lodge and she says “”eeeh this water here, they have failed to repair this tap!”.

He says there you know that the type of woman you bumped into.

Mariachi’s gig came after a creative and hilarious choir named “Bazonto” from Radio Simba.

Then they have that line that goes… “Gwetunyiziiza sonyiwa, ffe tuli mizonto” [whoever we have annoyed, forgive because we are mizonto].

Comedians Bobi Brown and Nilo Nilo’s joked about how different groupings would perform during a sex competition.

It was the most hilarious skit of the night as the lads chased after a chair [as an imaginary woman] humping and pushing and humping across the stage to the thrill of the audience.

When it was finally his turn, the Nigerian comedian started with a punctuated music piece that set off the audience laughing uncontrollably.

Klint on stage

“As Uganda has air craft, Nigeria has witch craft,” he pulled out a sleek rhyming tongue-twister.

Klint then narrated how he had a great experience flying RwandAir.

“It’s good they have an aircraft. Us in Nigeria we have witchcraft. Our witchcraft can land anywhere,” he noted.

He added: “It’s that powerful. But while RwandAir flies day and night, ours works only in the night.”

According to management, the show was super-duper fun and massively attended.



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